Oriflame Business Opportunity:

Oriflame Business Opportunity:  We are here to train you in this business: We are here to explain you this business with facts: In this beautiful business, there is no investment, so there is no risk.   Oriflame: Ori is a Greek work which mean Victory: so Oriflame mean “The Flame of Victory “ Oriflame is a Swedish Cosmetics Brand: Origin Country: Sweden: 1967 Owners: Robert Af Jocknick & Jonas Af Jocknick Oriflame was a dre

Oriflame Success Plan

Oriflame Success Plan :   Oriflame provide you bonuses, Following are the details.   Immediate Profit/Direct Bonus: You will get 20% profit from your own customers on every sale.   Performance Discount PD (3-21%) You will get 3-21% every month on your direct member total team sale without limitation of level (Unlimited down levels) Here are details of qualification of %ages: Total Team Bonus Points   :    Perf...